• Profesionalioms EMS tipo treniruotėms skirtas ir WIFI valdomas kostiumas.

    Technical Parameter : 1.Android system to control hybrid wired and wireless technology in one machine 2.Individual or synchronized training programs for 11 user working at the same time(Different user can get different parameters in one time) 3.Unique design(Easy to know working or stop status during training) 4.15.6 inch touch screen (Large and durable touch screen, easy to use, easy to learn. The clean graphical display provides a trendy and nice look to the users) 5.Go out Function (It can be used out of the range of the wireless network to enjoy total freedom indoor or outdoor) 6.10 Channels for whole body muscle group exercise 7.Dry body suit or Vest and pants suit type for choice(Good material can get better result) 8.In the working process, the intensity can increase or decrease 9.Frequency:1HZ -400HZ 10.Pulse Width:50-400us 11.Pause Time:0-30seconds 12.PulseTime:1 -59seconds 13.Total Workout Time:20-60minutes
  • EMS tipo treniruotėms skirtas ir WIFI valdomas kostiumas.

    Frequency 1HZ-120HZ Pulse Width 50-400us Pause Time 0-30 seconds PulseTime 1-59 seconds Total Workout Time 20-60 minutes Voltage AC110/220V 50-60HZ Screen Ipad(9.7inch) or Huawei tablet(10.1 inch)
  • EMS fitness technologijos kostiumas, viršutinė ir apatinė dalys, su elektrodais.